marriage culture in india

The Marriage culture in India

The rich traditional heritage and customs of India make marriages a momentous occasion for friends and families. Indian Marriages have differing varieties owing to different faiths and religions that prevail in India. Since the olden days, marriages in India are considered as a heavenly bond not just between the individuals but, the entire family as a whole. The marriage culture in India differs on the basis of locality, religion, faith and belief. 

Marriages in different parts of India:

Since India is a vast country, there are bound to be differences between the cultures and rituals depending upon one’s region or state. 

The cultural differences are very easily observed when we look at the peculiarities of a North Indian wedding and a South Indian wedding. 

The attires, the rituals, the jewellery, the wedding decorations and many more aspects depict the unique fortes of marriages in different states. 

Primarily, centred on locality, a few well-known Indian weddings are the Bengali Wedding, The Malyali wedding, The Assamese Wedding, The Kannada Wedding, The Gujrati Wedding, The Rajasthani Wedding, The Maharashtrian Wedding and the Punjabi wedding. 

No matter what region or state, one thing that is common in all Indian weddings is the grand celebration of the union of two families. 

Marriages in different religions of India.

India is the homeland to people belonging to various different creeds and religions. Each such faith has a different outlook on what a happy marriage is. Hence, every community have distinct rituals and heritage when it comes to weddings and marriages. 

Since ancient times, Indians believed that marrying in one’s own religious community was mandatory and inter-caste marriages were frowned upon. But, as the times have changed, in the modern day many families lovingly accept the merging of two different communities in the holy matrimony. 

Some of the most renowned marriages include Buddhist Weddings, Jain Weddings, Christian Weddings, Marwari Weddings, Muslim Weddings, Pahari Weddings, Sikh weddings and so forth. 

Arranged Marriages and Love marriages in India. 

Back in the day, Indians believed that the family had the final say regarding one’s spouse. The father would give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man that him and his family found worthy. The bride’s stance on her spouse rarely mattered. This school of thought gradually changed but, the culture of arranged marriages still prevails in India. 

Today, the individuals and their families arrange a get-together and if the couple fancy each other, they tie the knot in a few months. 

On the other hand, Love marriages are increasing rapidly in India. After a loving and cherishing relationship, a couple decides to take the next step by deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. 

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There have been several debates about which type of marriage leads to a better future for a pair. But at the end of the day, whether it may be a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the only thing that makes a marriage successful is the compatibility and endearment between the couple. 

Even with every marriage’s own special modus operandi, the one thing common in all Indian marriages is the grand celebration of the wedlock between two loved ones. From matching the horoscopes to the bride’s vidai, Indian marriages are joyous carnival of colours, lights, decorations and romance. 

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