Manglik Dosha Myths

5 Manglik Dosha Myths and Realities

For ages, there has always been much talk surrounding mangliks, especially when it comes to marriage among Indians. Suddenly, when it is time for people to get hitched, even the most educated families panic at this Manglik Dosha.

Today, we’re going to bust a few Manglik dosha myths. so read on!

What Is Manglik Dosha?

A blemish in the horoscope due to Mars is Mangal Dosha. Also called as Manglik Dosha, it is thought to create problems in married life. The type and amount of problem are not uniform but depend upon Mars’s placement in the horoscope. Many websites thrive on doing a quick Mangal Dosha check and prescribing Mangal Dosha remedies, but is that correct?

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Myths About Manglik Dosha

Disagreement Amongst Astrologers

Surprisingly, there is too much dissent among astrologers surrounding what constitutes a manglik. Some say a person has a Manglik Dosh if Mars is in their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from the moon or natal ascendant. Contemporary astrologers also consider these positions from Venus. The truth is, every astrologer has a different method to their calculations.

Nearly 50-80% Of The World Is Manglik

If you really think about it, if Mars being present in 6 out of 12 houses means one is Manglik, then that means 50% of the world’s population suffers from this Manglik Dosh and, if you calculate this dosh from Venus’ position, the number goes up to nearly 80%. Clearly, there’s nothing to fear.

No, Your Partner Won’t Die

Just because a few couples have had incidents where their partner died after getting married and they happened to be Manglik does not mean this happens in every single case. There are plenty of Manglik people marrying non-mangliks around the world – especially outside of India in cultures that don’t consider astrology and they are happy and very much alive.

Double Dosha = Double Confusion

There is no such thing as a double dosha. In fact, if Mars is in its own house, it negates the effect! Ditto for those born on Tuesdays – unlike rumors suggest, being born on a Tuesday actually reduces the negative effects of Manglik Dosh.

Lots Of Factors At Play

Even if you do believe in Manglik dosh myths, you should be aware that what really needs to be examined is the gravity of the dosha in the person’s charts, rather than ruling out everyone. However, there is also a lot of disagreement surrounding which house has the highest gravity for this Manglik dosh – some say it’s the highest in the 7th house for men. Some say this Manglik dosh is at its peak in the 8th house for women. Do your own research before taking a decision, rather than over-generalizing.

We hope we were able to clear a lot of Manglik dosh myths, so you’ll now be able to proceed with your marriage plans without any stress and doubts. Comment below and let us know your thoughts!  

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