How to Describe Yourself for Marriage

How to Describe Yourself for Marriage in 10 Example Sample

Describe About Myself For Marriage Bio Data. Registering your profile on one any of the best matrimonial site is not always enough to get the positive responses on your matrimonial profile. Although, your matrimonial profile must be attractive and stunning than others to get more responses from the other prospects. But, you also needs to consider other useful and important information also. Never avoid to fill all the important information, it will help others to understand your matrimonial profile more easily.

Be honest. Write about yourself as a person, your attitude towards life, what you want to achieve or want in life. Your happiness quotient. What makes you unhappy. Basically you must write everything write about yourself, you but you must be honest to yourself while writing it.

I think people like truth and short write up than a story because you are not the only person they would be screening in matrimony there could be many so be brief and factually correct.

After writing your Name, Father’s, Mother’s , how many bros/sisters their marriage status with the details of their place of dwelling.

Write clearly & honestly your place work and how long with details of your CTC.

Your physical attributes, Your expectations.

There are a number of things that you will in fact need to write about yourself in order to write a good marriage proposal:

  • Your accomplishments
  • What you seek in a relationship
  • Thoughts on children
  • Goals for the future
  • What you like/dislikes
  • Ideal Marriage
  • Time of Marriage
  • Height/weight age(its a plus to be honest)
  • Past relationships
  • Pet peeves

10+ Free Samples for About Myself For Marriage Bio data:

Marriage Sample 1

I am a ambitious, self-made, work alcoholic but down to earth person. I like to balance professional & family life. Professional life gives you exposure, confidence & sense of achievement. I believe the fulfillment one gets from one’s work is very important for wellbeing. I also participate in family get-togethers, functions, parties, etc. My favourite pastime is to watch English movies, reading fictions & cooking.

Marriage Sample 2

In my family there is my father, my mother and myself. Father is a businessman who works in the textile industry while mother is a home maker. My family is a mix of modern and tradition beliefs. My parents are still based in Delhi but they are very important to me so I visit them as often as possible. Father travels a lot in his business so occasionally he is able to see me in Noida.

Marriage Sample 3

I come from an upper middle class family. The most important thing in my life is religious believes, moral values & respect for elders. I am modern thinker but also believe in good values given by our ancestors. I love trekking, going on trips with friends, listening to classical music & watching latest movies.

Marriage Sample 4

I would describe myself as someone who is honest, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. I have a great sense of humour. I am an easy going person & don’t get easily disturbed by down’s in my life. I a spiritual person & have a good library of best spiritual books. I also enjoy travelling, watching movies, going out for dinner, and having great intellectual conversations!

Marriage Sample 5

XXX is genius, intelligent, well cultured, smart & open minded girl. XXX has completed her graduation from ________. Her hobbies include reading, teaching, music, dancing, cooking, traveling etc. You can expect homely behaviour & dedicated up-bringing from XXX.

Marriage Sample 6

XXX is really an accomplished girl & virtuous enough to be equally best at home and office. She is very loving, caring & talkative. Given her beliefs and value system in life, she is going to be an inspiring, compatible and enviable life companion in each and every eventuality.

Marriage Sample 7

“I am 6’1″ tall North Indian, Punjabi Boy. I am 30 years of age and have a strong fabricated. I finished my building from G.G.S.I.P.U and as of now filling in as programming engineer. I live with my family that has my parents, my grandparents and siblings. I am a family oriented person and have confidence in living in joint family. In mean time, I jump at the chance to peruse books and play football. I additionally love to play my guitar. I am sport lover and play sports with my companions.”

Marriage Sample 8

I am 26 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, an athletic young woman from a middle-class family.

I own a small business in Bangalore and live with my parents and a younger sister. I belong to <caste> and my native village is <name>.

I am the first person from our family to complete school. I started working for a garment company after school and now own an apparel shop for toddlers. My father and sister help me out at the shop.

I have been active in sports from childhood and even now participate in amateur track and field events. I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan and never miss any of his movies.

I have big goals in life and want to become a successful businesswoman. I would like to give back to my village by building a school and helping the people in my village get a better education. In the future, I would like to enroll in a college for a part-time course.

I don’t drink or smoke and I am a non-vegetarian.

Marriage Sample 9

I am a very simple, god fearing, caring, talented, understanding, trustworthy and kind hearted human being. I believe in the motto ‘Live and let live’. I hate liars. I am fun loving, down to earth and very much Optimist. I love travelling, sight seeing, listening to rock music, reading all the latest fiction novels.

Marriage Sample 10

I am a soft spoken, honest & talented person. I have a good job, decent salary & a nice house to live in. I think family as the first priority of my life. I think 5 years down the life I should be happily settled with my kids, a lovely soulmate with all the blessings of our parents & relatives.

About me Sample for Matrimonial Bride / Groom

A widow with a child

I am an IT professional based in Hyderabad. I am currently working as a Senior Data Analyst. My husband passed away three years ago in a car accident that broke me completely. But my son gave me a reason to be strong. My 3-year old son keeps me busy but whenever I get the time I chase my hobby of cooking. My parents stay near me and are quite supportive. I believe in accepting the changes and live with them happily.”

How to write a matrimony profile for a boy?

We wrote an in-depth guide to write a matrimonial profile for a boy.

This guide has 8 chapters packed with tips and advice you can follow.

  • Why is your matrimonial bio data important?
  • The art of describing yourself
  • Writing about my partner for matrimony
  • Choosing good profile pictures for marriage
  • Showcasing your education and career for marriage
  • Writing about my family for matrimony profile
  • What women want from men?
  • Finding a perfect match

How to write a matrimony profile for a girl?

Access our guide to get proven tips and examples of how to write a matrimonial profile for a girl. Geet you hands-on 8 chapters filled with useful information that will transform the way you think about marriage bio data.

1. Why is your matrimonial resume important?
2. The art of projecting yourself
3. Expectations from a prospective groom
4. Choosing good matrimonial profile photographs
5. How to describe a career and education?
6. What men want from women?
7. Finding your soulmate

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