15 Simple Ways to Build Strong Relationship

15 Simple Things to Make your Relationship Strong and Healthy

Everyone wants to have a partner who understands you and loves you unconditionally. It is important to make your relationship a top priority and enjoy every big and small moments with them to the fullest. But is it always possible to do so?

With so many responsibilities, it can be hard to make your relationship a top priority. You might find it very difficult to prioritize your relationship .So, how can you build a strong relationship? The articles shares 15 ways which can guide you in prioritizing your relationships and make it grow stronger and stronger.

Here are 15 simple (and fun!) ways to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

1.Talk About Your Day

Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, talk about it with your partner. Doing so will keep you connected even when you don’t see each other daily. It will also help you to keep each other updated on what’s going around.

Remember that communication is the foundation of any relationship. Keeping your partner in the loop, he/she will feel less stress and will be more comfortable whenever there is something wrong with you. It can even lead to a healthier relationship because you know exactly how others feel and think.

2. Keep the lines of communication open

Communication is something that can either make or break your relationship. If the lines of communication between you and your partner is smooth and clear, it can help your relationship to thrive.

  Always ensure to ask your partner about how they are feeling. Whenever they seem bothered, take a chance to ask what’s worrying them. Hear them patiently.

Share your secrets and listen to theirs. Keeping the lines of communication will have to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and confusion between you and your partner.

3. Tackle your problems privately

If you and your partner have a fight or an argument, try to solve the issue privately. Don’t involve others to settle your issue. Involvement of third person can make the situation worse.

If you involve other to settle your argument, you may have to share the personal details of your relationship which might be embarrassing or uncomfortable for either of you.

4. Keep the 3:1 Ratio

Over the course of a day we have a variety of positive and negative experiences. This is also true when it comes to our relationship with our significant other. Most people think that as long as the positive experiences outweigh the negative, everything is fine. However, this isn’t so. It’s the ratio of positive to negative that matters.

Research has shown that the magical ratio for a flourishing relationship is at or above 3:1. That is, you need to have three times more positive experiences with your partner than negative experiences in order to have a healthy relationship.

5. Maintain good terms with your partner’s family and friends

This is the most important thing to keep in mind for a healthy relationship. Your partner’s family and friends were there with them before you, and they hold a special place in their life. This place is something that will stay there forever.

So, try to maintain good terms with your partner’s family and friends. Doing this will help you make your relationship stronger.

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6. Give them space

We all prefer to have some time alone. So, do our partner. Always remember to maintain your individuality even though you are in relationship.

Provide your partner with the space they need. Let them spend some time doing their own things of interest or spending time with their friends

7. Spend time together without technology

Speaking of making eye contact, eliminating technology every now and then is a great way to give your significant other your full attention. There is no denying how distracting technology can be, so make sure that you and your spouse are spending some time without it. Make a no cell phone rule for date night or leave the electronics in the other room during your morning coffee together.

Spending time together without the imposing distraction of technology allows you and your spouse to give each other the attention and consideration that you both deserve.

8. Take important decisions collectively

You and your partner should make important decisions together. Taking decisions collectively shows that you value each other’s opinions. This further helps in building trust and making your relation healthier.

9. Try new things together

When you are in relationship, it becomes important to spend time with your partner. For this, involve each other in your shared hobbies. If possible, develop a new hobby that both of you enjoy.

10. Watch A Movie Together

Watching movies with your partner not only keeps you bonded but also inspires you both to have a better relationship than ever. In this fast-paced world, watching such movies will help remind you how important it is to appreciate each other’s presence.

It can be a favorite movie that you watch together every time you fight or want to relax or something new that creates an emotional connection between the two of you. You don’t have to get teary-eyed when watching a sad story because it’s not about the ending but how much you both care for each other (and he/she will appreciate you more if they see your effort!).

11. Travel together

One of the best advice for a healthy relationship is to travel together. Travelling together will allow you to spend more time with each other without any disturbances from your friends and family. This will also allow you to see your partner in a different light and liven the spark of attraction.

12. Say The Magic Words “I Love You” Every Single Day

It doesn’t matter if it was said earlier in the day by either partner – repeat the phrase at least twice a day to make sure they feel special and loved.

Saying how much you love each other (in front of your partner or not) will let him/her know that you’re willing to do anything for them. Then, when the time comes that something bad happens, remember the last thing he/she heard from you – “I Love You”. It will help both of you feel better and happier as it takes away half of the stress.

Remember that saying “I love you” is not only applicable during courtship or when you are in a relationship already. Saying those three words can help strengthen any relationship, even if it’s just between two friends or siblings with no sexual background whatsoever.

13. Respect each other

Without respect, one cannot have a strong bond. You must respect each other’s choices, values and opinions even though they are different from yours. In order to include love into any relationship, it is important that you respect each other as without respect, love cannot exist.

14. Surprise them – and not just on their birthday!

Who said surprises must be saved only for holidays and birthdays? It’s time to take it one step further than the annual birthday cakes and Valentine’s Day cards. We’re talking about out of the blue surprises! A small gift just because “when I saw this I thought of you” or a surprise date. You can even leave a love note on the seat of your partner’s car one morning.

A simple “Love you, have a great day” with a few hearts here and there may seem a bit juvenile or silly. But hey, the lovey acts of kindness and romance worked at the beginning of the relationship, right? Well they still do the trick after years of marriage!

15. Ask for help

Whenever you need help, be it personal or professional, never hesitate to ask your partner for help. Asking for help even in small things will make you partner feel valued. Asking for their suggestions and opinions can help to increase trust in the relationship and make your bond stronger day by day.

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